1. Are you licenced?

    Yes we have a building licence, No.193668C.

  2. What warranty do you give?

    7-10 years depending on the products used.

  3. Can I purchase paint and other materials from you?

    No, we provide a supply and install service for painting, rendering, texture coatings and mouldings.

  4. Regarding products, which manufacturers do you use?

    We use products from all the major manufactures such as Taubmans, Bristol, Wattyl, Granosite, Dulux, Rockcote

  5. What is acrylic render?

    Acrylic render is modified cement render that comes in 20kg premixed bags. It is usually applied up to 6mm thick and can be painted after 48 hours

  6. The outside of my home is painted brick. Can you render over this without removing the paint?

    Yes, acrylic or polymer renders can be used for this application.

  7. Can the colour be premixed into the render, so painting is not required?

    Yes, but we do not do this or recommend it. To ensure you get the correct colour and finish, we apply 2 or 3 coats of paint after rendering.

  8. Do you provide coatings over blueboard, FC sheeting, foam and other surfaces?

    Yes, most of the finishes can be applied to these products as well as masonry substrates.